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Shine as the Lightworker that you are and make Money!

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Do you feel attracted to the term “Lightworker” (or:  being an old soul, sensitive, feeling different, not fitting in,  an innovator, artist, healer, a starseed, ground-breaking scientist, a geek or just overly happy :-))? Do you want to break free, work from your heart and follow your soul’s mission? And turn that into a (very) succesful Business? Finally expressing your message to the world, make a change and thrive! I teach you how …

The Money Myth

Most of us are used to ideas about life, money and abundance that aren’t serving. I would say “aren’t serving anymore” because there was a time that we needed these ideas to hold on to, maybe to survive, but these times are over! Yes!

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Are You a Lightworker?

I think you already heard about it by now: we’re living in the beginnings of the New World, also called the Golden Age or the Age of Aquarius…. It’s a timeperiod where we’ll grow in conciousness; our frequency raises to a higher dimension of more Light.

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Business Academy for Lightworkers

~ The Program that changes your life ~

Instead of being led by worries and circumstances, often feel frustrated and tired; You can live and work fully from your heart, connected to your deepest self; inspired, peaceful and abundant. You’ll learn:

  • what it means to be a Lightworker
  • your Soul’s Mission and to Unlock your Power
  • succesfully Express yourself, creating your Brand
  • Monetize your business and Expand your Income massively
  • Open up to amazing Results and Break through! 

Every Client has a Special Journey


Annemarie utilises all her knowledge and expertise in guiding the clients proces. She has a good view of ones situation and knows how tot think outside the box, and puts you right on your path. She also empowers clients to coach themselves. My experience with Annemarie was very positive. Stephanie


Annemarie Hendriks

~ Mothership for Lightworkers ~


How to Break Free and be Abundant    

It’s my passion to be of service to Lightworkers becoming wildly succesful and balanced entrepreneurs; and to help businesses and companies to accelerate and create from the heart.

My life amazes me every day: I do what I love and receive what I desire, sharing my message to the world.

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I am thankfull of the many people I had the houner to work with

I know Annemarie as a kind person who coaches from her heart, and guides you to the essence, with integrity and respect.  Dirk