About Me

Full Circle

Apart from being a medium and visionair, I am equipped with over 15 years of workingexperience as a (business-) coach, trainer, projectmanager, holistic therapist and healer; as an artist, and ofcourse as an enterpreneur.

I’ve helped thousands of people becoming a greater version of themselves, feeling healed, knowing how to relax more, grow spiritually and businesswise, and create succes and fulfillment in life and work

“I now feel everything I did and experienced, that what I am today, has come together: Terra Rosa © Lightwork and the Lightwork Business Academy is the result.”



I developped a powerfull approach to lead you to more fulfillment and abundance in life general and specifcally in your work. It’s a path to integrated enlightenment; the mastery of being a Lightworker on earth!

It’s the journey I made myself and now give through. It isn’t for everyone I realize but for the ones who are devoted to the Light that they know they are … 


Breaking Free from Old Structures

I love to show you that it’s possible to create the life and income that you desire; to break free of old systems and expand in what you perceive to be normal; to feel free and achieve extensive personal and financial abundance! You can be one of us that creates a 6, 7 or even a 8 figure income!

My Way

I crafted out my life’s work based on being a very awake lightworker, a professional guide in many ways, and an experienced entrepreneur, doing the inner work, became more and more a creation catalist; studied and integrated profound teachings in spiritual development, quantumphysics, holistic health, and marketing & business strategies; learned it from the most succesful enterpreneurs and spiritual coaches in the world, and most of all: being guided by Spirit.


My Story

I was born very awake, like lots of children these days and kept most of this openess and clarity when I got older. I always felt strongly connected to Source, being very creative, full of inspiration and ideas, feeling the guidance and wisdom that is with me and the passion to be of service.

For me the message has allways been about Love & Light, and knowing who we really are; inspiring people to realize this and live by it, creating their lives conciously, experience real joy and satisfaction, doing what feels good, from the Heart; and nothing less! It’s the message of the New World … and I was born with it! 

 I am a dutch enterpreneur living in the Netherlands, with my husband (artist) and our 2 year old son;  offering my services worldwide with the help of my expanding team … 


Rosa and other Universal Guidance

This is my life’s work to which I am fully committed and which has been carved out with the guidance of many powerful universal beings, especially through the Rosa Energy. Read more in my blog and, for the more in-depth and personal version, within the Community.


New Ways

To grow and develop even more … When you reach succes and abundance there are even new ways; a whole other space to discover; a world of wellbeing, flow, magic, joy, creative power ànd far more abundance.


“ I believe what this world now needs are strong leaders who know how to grow spiritually and bring their inner light fully into practice! And in doing so being an example and guidance for others who want to express what they have to offer.” 

Annemarie Hendriks

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Education & Experience

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(New World) Visionair


Medium / Healer


Teacher / Writer



How people experience me

Annemarie is many sided, and loves to inspire and unite people! Dorien

Annemarie is very enthousiastic and really wants to help people, inspire them and share. I think that is a beautiful gift.  Maureen

Go with Me on a Wonderfull Journey to Yourself and Break through!