The Money Myth

Most of us are used to ideas about life, money and abundance that aren’t serving. I would say “aren’t serving anymore” because there was a time that we needed these ideas to hold on to, maybe to survive, but these times are over! Yes!

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Annemarie Hendriks

Annemarie Hendriks

(nickname: Queen Shaman)

~ The Goddess Catalyst ~ Activator of the Divine Feminine Energy

Annemarie holds space for those women who choose to step into their ultimate greatness. She’s your anchor and here to take you on your Inner & Outer Leadership Journey that will get you there.

“I believe what this world now needs are strong heartcentered leaders who know how to grow spiritually and bring their inner light fully into practice on a high level and a grand scale! And in doing so are an example and guidance for others who want to express what they truly have to offer.”

” Annemarie is a spiritual master, visionair, artist, writer and holistic health specialist “