The Money Myth


Survival mode

Most of us are used to ideas about life, money and abundance that aren’t serving. I would say “aren’t serving anymore” because there was a time that we needed these ideas to hold on to, maybe to survive, but these times are over! Yes!


New World – New Ways

We live in a timeperiod where we are transitioning to a much more open space; you can call it a higher energydomain. It’s all about Conciousness. We‘re now beginning to discover, as a human collective, what is holding us back from really being ourselves and feeling good, knowing we are ultimate freedom!


That Money thing

So Money as something of pain and suffering is a relik from the Old World; an energydomain that is diminishing. We have made it “a thing”, a big issue. It has become our standard to almost everything. Our lives depend on it, our daily living is designed around it… “it” is a Concept!


You Are what You Think

“Wait a minute, my life isn’t a concept, it’s real and I have to manage things”! you might think. This may be true but nevertheless it is something you believe, hence think. And thinking is conceptual, it has great creative power! Life formes itself throug the proces of thinking, intent and focus … Manifestations follow.



Maybe this is new to you and a bit of a mindstretch, it even may offend you, but it is good news because it means you can change your reality! Life can be so much more; and you can let go of that money angst …  Abundance will show itself to you!


From Myth to Magic …

Read more about this proces of creating your reality in my upcoming blogs.