The Terra Rosa Lightwork – Program

Engaging with me and the Lightwork Company means the beginning of a new way of life and doing business. It offers you the opportunity to step into a new reality, discovering who you really are and what life has to offer you once you choose to follow your Heart…

Community Membership Courses

You can go as far as you feel comfortable on your Soul’s journey. The Lightwork Program contains of a Basic (ROOT) Community Membership that informes and inspires you in your Awakening and Ascencion; making also possible to communicate and be connected to Lightworkers from over the world.

And for those who want to dive deeper and make substantial shifts, we’ll lead you the way in exploring your Lightworkers‘ path by the extended Membership: Root Adventure with the mindblowing and heartopening training: “Remember who you are”.

Academy Training Courses (including InCompany program)

While this could be enough inspiration and transformation for you, there’s the opportunity to grow even further and faster; creating the life and business you desire! With a carefully carved out trainingprogram you can choose to build it up starting with the mid-end Courses in resetting and healing yourself, especially with the powerfull Money Pain – Money Gain Course; or, for example, to go all the way to the complete 12 month – Master Vip Training that gives you all the trainingcourses and more to make a real transformation and become magically abundant and succesful in life and business!

Our Community Membership Courses :

Find out below which Course works for You …

ROOT Basic Membership


Root Adventure


10% Discount on your Year Memberships

I recommend a commitment for at least a year, because to change a real commitment is important! That’s why I offer you a full Year-Membership for both memberships.You will then save about 10% on your purchase.

Should the purchased product be not suitable to you for some reason, you have the right to return it during 14 days time and get 100% refund

Annemarie utilises all her knowledge and expertise in guiding the clients proces. She has a good view of ones situation and knows how tot think outside the box, and puts you right on your path. She also empowers clients to coach themselves. My experience with Annemarie was very positive.


I know Annemarie as a kind person who coaches from her heart, and guides you to the essence, with integrity and respect. 


When do the training/courses start?

All training-courses start on 3/1/2019. You can enroll in a courses untill 2/28/2019 to start with the new classes (the special launchingprizes are valid untill 2/28/2019!)
After 3/1/2019 will start a new enrollment.
The training: Remember who you are is available from 2/10/2019.

How do I participate?

You can enroll by clicking on the button under the particular training/course/membership

How much time do I spend on a training/course weekly?

Depending on which training/course you attend and your own imput / time you want to invest, you’ll spend about 1 to 1,5 hour per week. You will receive one item weekly; a video, document, webinar, meditation or instructions etc.. This is excluding the coaching(program).

The training: Remember who you are is less intensive.

How do I receive the training-lessons?

You receive the traing/course by weekly items in your inlog-environment within the Terra Rosa Community.

Can I participate/enroll for 2 persons or more?

A training/course/membership is personal, so if you want to introduce someone he/she can enroll in for their own training/course however you can buy a training/course for someone else, for example when you want to enroll as a team; or as a special gift.

Is the training/course transmittable to someone else?

No. All programs are designed around you personal.

Is the training/course suitable for everyone?

We focus on businessowners, companies and those who want to become an entrepreneur, and want to live and work with more light, wellbeing, passion and abundance, especially those who recognize themselves as Lightworker.

How can I stop my training/course or membership? And do I get a refund?

You can stop your monthly-membership with one month notice by sending us an e-mail.

If you‘ve signed up for a year-membership or training/course and you notice that this is not the program for you, you can end this by sending us an email. If you do this within your first 14 days we will refund your investment. We don’t offer refunds when you are past the 14 days. We also refer to our General terms and conditions

Can I put my training/course or membership on hold?

Only in very special circumstances you can put your year-membership or training/course on hold after your On-hold-application is confirmed.

How can I upgrade my membership?

If you have a ROOT monthly-membership you can choose to upgrade with the Root Adventure membership any time you want. By make an order in the Community or on the website. Your monthly payments will be adjusted.

If you have a ROOT year-membership and you want to switch to Root Adventure you can, for a monthly-membership as a year-membership. You can get a refund of the cancelled months of your ROOT membership by sending us an Switch-applicationform (in the community).

What happens with my membership when I start in the Academy?

When you start a training/course within the Academy a ROOT membership is included, and your monthly payment will stop. If you already paid for a year-membership you pick up your paid membership after the training/course.

If you have a Root Adventure-membership this means your membership will change into a ROOT membership. The Training Remember who you are will be put on hold until you finish your Academy-training/course.

After your training/course within the Academy your membership continues as it was before.


We also refer to our General terms and conditions

How can I make a payment?

Membership: You pay your first instalment online with your order and the next instalments will be taken out of your account automatically every month.

I recommend a commitment for at least a year, because to change anything a real commitment is important! That’s why you can also commit for a full whole year. You will then save about 10% on your membership.

Training/course: You pay online by placing your order for the training/course and if you pay by instalments the next payments will be taken out of your account automatically.

Can I pay in terms?

As a Community-member you can pay by 10 monthly instalments for training/courses of € 3.000,- and more. You pay your first instalment online with your enrolment and the next 9 instalments will be taken out of your account automatically.

Payment at once - discount

During our huge Launch you can receive a paymemt at once – discount and save a lot of money, up to € 3.000,- ! (depending on which training/course you take). This offer stays until 12/31/2018.

Do I receive an invoice?

Yes. You’ll receive an invoice with your enrollment.

Why are the costs excluding vat and other taxes?

The Lightwork Company / Annemarie Hendriks is an international, online bussiness that operates from the Netherlands. As an online business is required I pay (different) taxes / Vat in the country of the customer, or have to reverse charge them. Therefore all prizes are without taxes.

Can I declare these costs as a businessowner?

Yes. As an entrepreneur you can declare every service and product of us as an business investment, ofcourse depending on the rules applied in your country.

Is there a Money back Garantee?

Yes. We apply a14 day Money Back Guarantee.
I want you to get a lot of value. That’s why we have a 14-day money back guarantee on all the training/courses/memberships. If you sign up and you notice that this is not the program for you, just send us an email within your first 14 days of being a member, and we will refund your investment. However, we don’t offer refunds when you are past the 14 days. We also refer to our General terms and conditions

Is it an online training/course only or do I have to go somewhere too?


It is an online program only. There will also be an annual Lightwork event: the Terra Rosa Experience Day.

Can I work on the training/course on any device, like mobile Phone, tablet and laptop?

Yes. The program works on any device.

Do I need special tools, plugins programs, or else?

No. You can tune into your community-account and start your training/course.

How is the Terra Rosa Program different from other programs and courses, and make such a profound impact?

This program goes beyond goalsetting, mind-programming and spiritual teachings. It’s an integrated and high value program that changes your life with a powerful way of reaching out to you and give you what you need. The universal energy-transmissions and healing are very strong; so are the wisdom and insights that are channeled.


We also offer a personal custom-made program, to follow your specific needs and growth (instead of an one size-fits-all approach)

How does the energy - and healing transitions work online?

During a webinar, or other, the healing will be transmitted to you. The online technique is not defining, it works the same as an offline healing transition. Annemarie choses to use Webinars, but also seminars and events, to reach a bigger audience.

Are the Q & A’s really personal or can I ask anonymously?

You can partcipate without having to share personal information. Your name will not be shown.

Do you have any question that the FAQ above does not answer?

Please use the contact form below to reach out to me.

You can also reach out to me on Facebook. I will answer your question(s) as soon as possible!

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