Your Goddess’ Path

The Terra Rosa Leadership Program is not for everyone, in fact it is only for those women who want to go further in their proces, making it something more then personal growth and a spiritual experience. You want to create change and healing for the world; helping and inspiring others. But you also want to create en epic life, take that challenge to even more succes. You are not reluctant to more money and know that it is love and light in it’s essence, making things possible. You are ambitious and want to grow further, learn more skills, tools, insights and dare to be different, to be yourself fully and unlock your Greatness!

I look forward to work with you, unwrapping and developing your Goddess’ path …

How it works

When you‘ve applied to work with me we’ll follow a highly transformative healing and teachingsystem: Terra Rosa Lightwork:

Terra Rosa Healing & Teaching System

The Three Levels of Thriving

Terra Rosa Lightwork contains of a Holistic 3 Level – principle and is inspired by the Divine Rosa Energy that I channel and naturally works through me. This powerful feminine energy wants to flow to you and work with you. It’s about bringing heaven to earth, working from your (higher) heart, with the divine energy of unconditional love, creative power and abundance. This is a very natural and hands-on spirituality that wants to get things done.

How does it work?

The 3 Levels are:

 1. Feeling Good

Feeling Good is all about you as a person and woman; how you feel in every day live and how to optimize the wellness of your body and mind, and recognizing or already feeling your souls’ connection; it’s about feeling generally happy and feeling satisfied with who you are and what you do, having a purpose, and being balanced in everything you do and want.

It’s the base from where you can dive deeper and find the more profound happiness… On this feeling good – level you can start to integrate spiritual practises and deepen your personal growth, learning to be fully yourself and relax more intensely, learn to enjoy yourself and your life (even) more and how to follow and manifest your desires and wishes, and conciously create your dreamlife and career. 

2. Feeling Free

Feeling Free is what comes next, and beyond these things; it’s about awakening; remembering who you are, your essence, it’s about conciousness and your soul, and coming more into alignment with it; knowing your mission and purpose, real desires, opening up to other parts/dimensions of who you are, exploring a broader perspective and download insights and wisdom relevant to your live here and now.
This is a soul adventure that makes your live more complete and you’ll break through boundaries of personal and collective blockages, pain and struggles. You can see everything more clearly and ‘unpersonal’ and at the same time utilise this perspective in your every day live and work; it’s about (the starting of) real Inner Leadership. 

3. Union

In this stage you learn how to be fully aligned and live and work from this grand space and inner leadership capacity and create wonderful things. You‘ll experience the world as within yourself and know and feel you are connected and Are everyone and everything.

Your life is devoted to your service; your mission and passion(s) are flowing naturally. Your personal self and your inner, higher Self are (more and more) completely aligned and creating together with no hesistancy, doubt or fear; it’s an enlightenend place; very creative and abundant…

Your Thrive & Shine Plan

Elevating Methods that work powerfully and fast!

The Terra Rosa Healing & Teaching System covers all the important areas of life in a holistic and integrated way and ads to this a new and upgraded perspective, aligned with the expansion of conciousness that is going on right now. It offers an innovative and transformative approach on health, work, money, relationships, spirituality, happines and business development and gives you the opportunity to grow and thrive immensely ànd fast …! All will be acustomed to You: your health, your work, your ambitions and your desires, and the questions and needs you have.

Highlights Terra Rosa Lightwork:

– Holistic
An all included, holistic approach. You will heal and develop physically, mentally, emotionally, socially (especially in work / business) and spiritually (meaning a very down to -Mother- earth- kind of spirituality, including multidimensional and galactic aspects)

– Younique
It’s never about the methods, or techniques, but about You. Each of my clients get an unique and personal plan.

– Alchemy
Integraded system of methods that has carved out masterfully based on more than 20 years of experience as a spiritual mentor and channeler, a holistic therapist & healer, and work / bussiness coach; such as:

neuro psycho energytic testing and clearing, body-mind-soul alignment techniques, re-programming methods like NLP, soft hypnoses and dreamstate -trance- healing, creative work, 24/7 (upgraded) meditation-techniques, Mother Earth- Nature explorationprogram, shamanic cleansing and clearing rituals, pain release- techniques, yoga, vitalization (burnout prevention and healing) methods, holistic nutrition- rebalance program (finding a weight and healthprogram that finally fits you), the Rosa Energy Healing transitions (with personally channeled information) and heartcentered business strategy- methods

– Lightwork Activation
Innovative and expanded system adjusted to the ascencion energy of the new world, through co creating and channeling with broader perspectives / universal dimensions

– Mission @ Work; Heartbased and Aligned Work & Business Strategy
Not alone will you be more clear on your mission and how to pursuit your work, you also learn what you specifically need to boost your career; from energy-alignment techniques to business development advise

“Now it ’s time to go beyond what you allways thought was possible”

What do you get?

In The Terra Rosa Program we’ll cover following packages, based on an integrated and holistic approach and accustomed to your personal plan.

The Packages:

Transformational Basework
  • Intake: exploring together where you are and what you desire
  • A Testing – Energyscan and Energy & Soul Reading for your total health. What do you need to feel good of body, mind and soul; and to grow as you desire in life and work?
  • A powerful Energy – Reset to create a solid energetic grounding -and landingsbase, according to your needs
Dreamlife Creation
  • What do you really and specifically want? What serves you on all levels of your being? How to invite and implement that in your life and work?
  • How to relax, feel free and at the same time doing the right amount of action, setting boundaries, dealing with practical stuff and stress?
  • What is it you want to change, let go, heal or give up? Transformation of all blockages, emotional bagage, pain, resistance, fear or lack
Work / Business Acceleration
  • The same aspects as Dreamlife Creations specified on your work and business development with innovative methods to flourish as a high level leader.
Healing & Energy Upgrade
  • Healing transmissions of the Rosa Energy: to feed and balance your energyfrequency and empower your transformation
  • Lightwork Activation: remember who you are. You’ll be guided in your awakening and ascencionproces and discover more about your mission and purpose; learn how to communicate with your inner / higher self, feel guided and know how to co-create
  • Initiation: Enhanced healing with symbols and channeled rituals. The Rosa Energy will be personal transmitted to you in a more permanent way; you will be opened up to this high frequency and be able to work with her as well *

licallHow I work

Exclusive and Devoted

All of my programs are by application only. I love to work in a very deep way and give my full attention to my clients. Therefor I work with only a few women, and everything is of high value and high impact.
When we work together I am connected to you energetically, also between sessions, which means I‘m working on your growth and healing the entire time. I am devoted to my work and am all-in, and I expect you to put your 100% in too.

Liberating & Lifechanging

Women who work with me tell me often that working with me is liberating and lifechanging; and getting big results in just a few months.

I am an unconditionally loving and deeply intuitive mentor, who can see right through the core and knows what you need. I am multi-faceted orientaded, holding the big picture and am passionate (in holding you accountable) to your vision and desires, and help you create powerful changes in your inner and outer world in a very short time.
If you’re here for grand things and you’re ready to take your work and life to your next level of impact, and you’re ready to move from high performance to Goddess Embodiment- level, then we’re a good fit for each other.

Take a look below and apply for the program that calls to you most. After you send your application you can request for a phone call with me, or e-mail, about the possibilities for your next-level plan. 

The Terra Rosa Leadership Program

1. Rosa Mentorship Retreat 1:1

The most intimate and high level on which you can work with me. Work with me 1:1 on a 1,5 – 2 days experience in a magical place, be empowered and loved, and receive direct guidance in your business and life, from me and through me.

A powerful program based on the Terra Rosa Healing & Teaching System containing unique techniques and including all the packages and all the integrated methods, covering every area of your life that you want to transform and uplift massively.

We’ll start with your own Thrive & Shine Plan and the (continuing of) Transformational Basework (Intake, Testing & Energyscan and Reset). With several holistic and upgraded methods we’ll be working on your Dreamlife Creation and Work / Business Acceleration. We’ll also focus on Healing & Energy Upgrades with powerful Healing transmissions of the Rosa Energy, with a Lightwork Activation- program and with the Rosa Initiation.


Further this Mentorship Retreat contains:

  • an unique Healingsession; especially powerful to recharge you and help you recover from stress, pain and fatigue
  • custom curated activities, designed up front into your own Thrive & Shine Plan
  • a beautiful and peaceful private room
  • delicious, healthy meals custom made to your diet prepared for you
  • a vitalizing wellness treatment, within the facility
  • a special preparation and evaluation- support program to get  the most out of the retreat
  • a profound shift facilitated by a high performance coach and spiritual mentor (me) who has empowered thousands of people for the last 20 years and knows how to hold space for successful, powerful goddesses

This is a soul journey into the divine Goddess that you’re called here to be and will radiate in the world… Because of how powerful this complete program is, I can only hold the space for one more woman in 2019 to undergo this amazing adventure.
For women who are serious about getting big results, who know that getting big results requires investing in yourself.

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2. The Goddess Embodiment Supreme

An extended and advanced Master-program to start or continue your Goddess Embodiment proces. It offers a complete system of integration and expansion, working with the Terra Rosa Lightwork at her best!
If you want to be sure you’ll develop all your potential at a high level and sustain this mastery, you are a good fit for this powerful Supreme program.

What you’ll receive:

  • The Godess Embodiment Supreme exists of a 3 year – route of Mentorship Retreats
  • It contains 3 X  the 1:1 Rosa Retreat
  • plus an extended Mastery Support Program during and in between the retreats
  • It gives you the opportunity to grow massively and steadily with the mentorship that serves you best. In your Thrive & Shine Plan we will design the path that fits you most.
  • You’ll receive everything of the retreat
  • plus the more indepth route that takes your growth further and deeper, to make your new life as solid as a rock and make sure you create your legacy

This is a powerful soul adventure that let you dive deep into yourself, unlock and sustain your greatness, creating the life and career you desire and to execute what you’re called here to be…
For me this is the ulimate way of offering my services and I am very thrilled to welcome you, however … I’m not sure for how long this Supreme program will stay available.
I only can hold the space for one more woman in 2019 to start this amazing adventure.
For women who are serious about getting grand results, who know that getting grand results requires investing in yourself.

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Embracing the Rosa Energy, a Goddess Embodiment

The New Version of You … Are you ready?

The Terra Rosa Leadership Program is about transcending into a new version of You. And I am here to make your transformational travel happen and guide your path in becoming the Goddess that you want to be. In our work together, everything is integrated so when you uplevel you mindset, energy, health and daily life, you naturally uplevel your current clients, your prices, and the mastery of your work.
By the end of your adventure with me and the Terra Rosa Lightwork you will have stepped into a whole new way of being and into your legacy level work.

An impression of what my clients experience:

  • I am less stressed
  • I have clearer inner guidance and a stronger feeling of purpose
  • I feel I’m being all of me in everything I do
  • I have a better team
  • better boundaries
  • Business is more fun…
  • I’m working less than I used to and with so much more joy and less effort
  • I am going to make 7 figures this year!…
  • I feel fulfilled and fully aligned with everything I do

Your investment

All my programs are six-figure investments. These are high transformational containers with a high level spiritual mentor. The investment reflects the value exchange. If you understand the powerful Soul statement it is to invest in yourself at this level, and you’re ready to make an investment in yourself now with a massive return in value, I invite you to apply. 
Application for this program by no means obligates you to participate. Once we receive your application and if you’re accepted to the program, I will reach out to you to offer you a 30 minute phone call with me, or e-mail consultation, to talk about all the details and to get better acquainted. 

Your Return on your Investment

The Inevitable Holisitc Approach

What you’ll learn here you’ve never heard anything like this from any business coach, strategic mastermind expert, or even your therapist. Yet it will make àll the difference…
Most high performance experts are missing the most important piece of doing high end work for high end clients: they don’t know how to do the deep and profound work holistically and integrate the two main aspects of this unique process: working on the practical planning and adjustments ànd the energetic changes you need to make to transcend into the next level of your work, and yourself. It is of great importance that you get this. It will make the difference between realizing your potential or making yet another horizontal shift!


It’s all about aligning your internal and external world; finding your Inner & Outer Leadership Balance. Every area of your life needs to be in alignment with where you want to go and above all this means alignment with your Soul, your inner guidance. If you don’t have that alignment, you simply won’t have the capacity to receive your next level and be ready for our shifting world. If you don’t do this work, not much is going to change.
If you don’t have next-level support but follow average advice, you won’t reach the next level.

Leveling up Manifestations

Becoming a Goddess means embodying the energy of that extreme-high-level leader, leveling up your energy, lifestyle, your clients, your mastery and your income, with confidence and grace.
All women operating at this high level are mostly challenged in more than a few areas in life and work, so what’s no longer serving you can become clear, healed and transformed. And you will not only overcome and balance this, but take your path to a level that inspires and helps others!
Your investment will be worthwhile and lifelasting, and will create even more (financial) results than you can imagine right now.

“Together we are learning to move from raw emotion and frozen muscles into a flow which emerges deep from within. We are learning to dance our prayers, bleed our words onto the page, laugh our images onto canvas, build our dreams in the world – to transmute and transmit the energy of the Feminine through our bodies and out into the world.”
-Lucy H. Pearce