30 minute – Phone call or E-mail with Annemarie Hendriks

Welcome on this page. Landing here means you‘re (about to be) ready to take the first step on your powerfull Terra Rosa Leadership adventure! 

Filling out this application wil give you the opportunity to have a 1:1 phone call with Annemarie Hendriks personally to find out what the program can do for you, and to see if you’re a good match.
Taking this step means you want to make a huge shift and are ready to invest in a life changing program, and realize it is a high end and highly exclusive 6 figure investment.
This is an intimate, invite-only program for max. 15 – 20 women a year. So if you want an invite and get more info, make sure you reserve your spot by setting an online appointment and answering all the questions.

Do you want to reserve your spot without a phonecall and have a few questions? After filling out this application you’ll receive an answer by e-mail. Make sure to request for an e-mail in the textbox below, with your questions.

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After you replied the questions and give us the information requested, you can make the appointment with Annemarie.
Once we receive your complete application we’ll screen it to see if you fit in the program, and if there still is place left. If this all is in order Annemarie will call you at the day and time of your choice. (if not you’ll be notified by e-mail)

Annemarie only works with women who are ready to truly prioritize their expansion and are willing to move what needs to move around to be there. She will give her full attention to you during your phone call and helps you to make your first step on your Goddess adventure!