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Now it’s time to get ready to step into the Light that You Are and Thrive!


Do you worry about your life?

Is it hard to relax and enjoy yourself and your work? Do you struggle to get by and to feel space for yourself? Can you trust the Universe, Life itself, to allways take care of you?


Do you feel unbalanced and out of focus?

Are you generally feeling lost in this world? not feeling at home, not be able to be yourself? Do you find it hard to be grounded, centered and present in your body; and feel at ease?


Are you longing to live from your Heart? But you don’t know how?  

You can’t seem to do what feels good, break through, find your Mission and “do your thing”? Missing out the joy and abundance, the real manifestations of succes and money …

If I can do it, You can too!

I too experienced the pressure of not fitting in; being very open and sensitive, knowing what I wanted in life but being very “different”. I wanted to be myself and do what I love, and make a living out of it. But I never managed to really make it and becoming financially independant  (on the contrary: I ended up with enormous  depths), untill … I found out what I needed, cultivated that and created what I longed for. And in doing so I mastered powerful skills and discovered that …

” what seemed to be my weekness, being different and “spiritual”, was my greatest power in creating a succesful business! And this is exactly what I want to teach you!”

Your Awakening and Growing Spirituality into Business

Terra Rosa © Lightwork

As a result of my life experiences, and through channeling and alignment with my higher self, a complete and powerful Healing -and Teachingsystem has been beautifully scarved out to help you in your awakeningproces and exploration of your spirituality; ànd show you how to be succesful and satisfied in your business!

Heart centerd Marketing & Business Strategies

Terra Rosa Lightwork goes beyond regular businesscoaching, mindsetting and spiritual teachings. It will let you integrate highly valuable methods and insights in your existant business or learn how to start and built one; but most of all you’ll experience an overall transformation. You will grow spiritually and businesswise and become powerful in creating the life and work you desire! 

The Lightwork Business Academy 

From this Healing & Teachingsystem was born the online  Academy and the High End Spiritual Business & Leadership Program including 5 Trainingcourses. And besides the Academy there is a growing online Community of Lightworkers all over the world! …


Go with me on this special Journey to Yourself …


Focus on exploration, connecting and exchanging


In depth blog with personal experiences from Annemarie


Weekly/monthly news updates


Sneak preview of the Remember Who You Are training

The Program is a match for You if you


  •  first want to explore yourself and the possibilities of starting something for yourself

  •  are at the top of your succes and wander what’s next? How to develop in even more wonderfull ways and deepen your spiritual proces?

  •  are tired, maybe burned out or depressed and want things to change and heal for yourself, and in your work

  •  are ready for a big change, make an inner transformation

  •  notice that you’re becoming more intuitive and sensitive; and are not at ease with how things go

  •  allways felt you are high sensitive and spiritual but never could, or dare to, express it …

  •  feeling an urge to explore yourself, in what you are at your deepest level

  •  want to make a change in the world, by inspiring and maybe coaching and healing people

  •  are fascinated by the time we live in now, a paradigm of big conciousness-shifts and transformation

  •  and want to know everything about it, and optimize your growth

You can have it all!  But what do You need …


to have a concious, lifetime – connection to your Self / Source?

Feel you are mostly on top of the world, full of joy, inspiration and creativity, following your Soul’s desires


to let go of what’s holding you back to live without fear an uncertainty?

Get rid of te money-angst, feeling free to live from your heart regardless of the circumstances, and create an epic business


to completely be yourself, feeling sure, knowing what you want and how to get things done?

Be full of energy and relaxed at the same time, and get the results and abundance you desire

Your Journey Inspires Me

Annemarie works quickly and intelligently out of concern for the whole person. She is committed and trustworthy with lots of expertise. I highly recommend her.


For who is the ROOT Basic membership made?

You can go as far as you feel comfortable on your Soul’s journey. The Basic (ROOT) Community Membership informes and inspires you in your Awakening and Ascencion; making also possible to communicate and be connected to Lightworkers from over the world.

Are you ready to take a Dive into Your Soul and Grow Massively?

Start your adventure today …