How to Follow your Heart (and feel safe)


What You Really Are

Following your heart means being connected with what you are at your deepest level. You àre Love and Light, meaning a very high vibration, Conciousness, and it’s something you already know deep inside … But how do you make this connection and live your life from here?


Remember YourSelf

Some know this allready since birth, they never completely forgot, like lots of children do, but most people have lost this knowledge and feel seperated their whole life. Maybe you do too…

To remember your true Self and bring it to the surface, try not to mentally understand it but try to feel it, and ask in yourself to let it be shown to you. 


Loving yourself

Some say you have to first love yourself, the person and human who you are, to know the true Love that you are; some say you can tap into the devine Love directly and cultivate this state of being and everything will sort itself out … 


Your Higher Heart

I believe the most important thing is to feel the connection in your Heart! True Love is such a grand feeling; it’s pure joy, bliss; flowing, buzzing … it’s huge. It is the so called Higher Heart Frequency where you tap into the “bigger picture” and everythings starts to flow.


Desires & Joy

One significant aspect of “following your heart” and expression of your Self is your connection to your pure desires; knowing what you want in life, feeling it, being inspired, experiencing joy …

Desires tell us who we are in this lifeform, what we want to express. Manifesting things becomes quite easy when you follow your joy. Everything points out in this direction and assists you!


Your Purpose

Your Purpose, or Souls’ mission, will be clear to you when you are tapped into your greatness, and you will create from here, inspired and aligned; and this means the start of a fulfilled and abundant life. For Lightworkers this means usually: being of service to others, the world.


Feeling good

Feeling good is the basis from where you can do all this. You have to be a vibrational match to what you want, meaning being in a high state of love and joy. So: Joy brings joy, feeling good feeds itself … and it gets better and better!

Now you know: Happiness is not just a luxury or an achievement; it means “turning on your light”, and that serves you and the world big time!


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