Are You a Lightworker?



I think you already heard about it by now: we’re living in the beginnings of the New World, also called the Golden Age or the Age of Aquarius…. It’s a timeperiod where we’ll grow in conciousness; our frequency raises to a higher dimension of more Light.



Lots of people are now beginning to see who they really are. Their Inner Self or Higher Self is more and more coming to the forefront. You are raising to a higher energydomain and this means for the most of us that you will be confronted with your issues and resistance, (learning to) deal with them in a positive way, so they‘ll become lighter and transform…



You may experience shifting in a new life where you now see things so differently; more open, clear and wise … Often there’re changes in relationships, moving to other places, changing jobs etc.. You now “just know” more about what you want in life, and maybe even what your purpose is. You see the bigger picture more clearly and how everything is connected. This proces ofcourse is different for everyone.



Bridge builders

Lightworkers traditionally are old souls who were born with this, more or less concious, knowledge and high vibration, and often they have the drive to express and share this, and to change the world somehow. In everyday life however they might be unaware of this and are often struggling with being here. The difference in energy-frequency makes them feel unfit for this world and the issues that are experienced vary from what we also know from labels as Adhd, High Sensitive, Empath, Paranormal, Autistic etc., or ‘just’ overly happy. 😊


New comers

Nowadays there are more and more Lightworkers being born and they are in a way upgraded to fit in today’s world, to overcome these issues and to take it from here! The cildren of today aren’t Bridgebuilders anymore but will walk the streets the old(er) lightworkes have paved.


The Key

Ofcourse everyone has the ability to “turn on their light”; it isn’t someting especially for those who are born with a high vibration. It is the essence of life, where we are wakening up to! Everyone can be a lightworker in that sense. Discovering who you really are is for most people a challenge anyhow, lightworker or not. To stay in that high frequency and focus on your light and Love, following your heart, allowing the wisdom, joy and abundance in, is allways the key!



I am focused on helping  succesfull “Lightwork Women”, those I refer to as Lighthouses, to waken up fully and “do their thing”! … For me it’s a passion to wake you up to your light, guide you and help you manifest your full potential! I love helping with what you discover as your soul’s mission, your purpose and passion, and help integrating that in your life, and especially into your lucrative business / career. 



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